Pokémon Go: Sydney Residents Have Had Enough

Usually there is a stigma that comes with those that choose to play video games in their spare time, that revolves around them never leaving their rooms or houses because their faces are buried in a computer screen or television. Now that they're finally taking their screens with them and meeting people in the 'fresh' air, it's causing problems for others. I guess you really can't have your cake and eat it too.

The suburb of Rhodes (Sydney, Aus) has found itself overrun with Pokémon Go players that have been regularly meeting in a public park in masses. A mixture of the sheer number of players in the area, and Peg Paterson Park (pictured above) has begun to cause issue for the people that live in the surrounding unit complexes.

The massive hordes of Pokémon trainers generate a lot of noise at all hours of the night which is keeping some people awake. The residents have started to fight back by throwing missiles at the players including water bombs and eggs (Exeggcute would be horrified).

The Home Owners Vs. The Nerds war has attracted the attention of the local authorities, with police attending the location earlier this week and issuing move along directions which carry hefty fines or arrests if they are not followed. The civil libertarians of the country will argue that the players are occupying a public park and that this direction to leave is unjust, however the peace must be kept.
So far, reports suggest that the unrest is under control for now, but with the way these things go, it's unlikely that we will see the end this fast. Gamers are forecast to revolt and stand their ground against 'the man' so that they can spin their Pokéstops and gather their supplies and battle their gyms like the way Nintendo intended.

Aussie Gamers Express reporters have spoken with a sympathetic trainer who stated "My charisma level isn't high enough for this kind of confrontation, so I will go away, do some grinding and return all geared up to deal with some inner city silver spooners" - xxPu$$y$LaYer69xx

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
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