Saints Row - PS Plus Quick Look

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell is one of PlayStation 4's PS Plus titles for July. It is a stand alone expansion to Saints Row IV, so never fear if you don't own the full game as you do not need it to play.

The game is wild. Crazy story line, one minute you're partying with humans and demons, the next you're running around Hell threatening to shoot The Devil in the face. Somehow you have angel wings and can now fly, which makes it alot easier to get all those pesky collectables. Then there's underworld figures to team up with to help bring down The Devil. Seems like a walk in the park for Johnny Gat! (Is it just me or do all 'Johnnys' wear sunglasses?) 

Gat Out Of Hell feels like a bunch of games rolled into one, including GTA, Devil May Cry and Infamous: First Light, with all its quick flying around, sandbox world and owning demons with your pistol (or Gat, as it were). Not having played a single one of the other Saints Row games I was completely new to this, which I don't think was the best way to start as I felt no real intrigue for the game or interest.

Negativity aside the game at its core is fun. Crazy story, wild gameplay with demons roaming the streets, a flying mechanic and some ridiculous features such as a mini-gun clad arm chair.....


  • Free for PS Plus members
  • Ridiculous fun
  • No huge download


  • PS3 level graphics on PS4
  • Shallow character development

SCORE: 5/10 Headless Bats



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