Mini Sega Mega Drive

Within the last three weeks, AtGames have announced their new Mega Drive console release. Boasting two wireless controllers, a miniature console unit which is pre-loaded with 80 games along with the ability of playing your old cartridges too. This console is set to either give you fond memories of your youth playing the Sega with your family and friends, or it will destroy the memories of your childhood.

Upon turning this console on you expect to have the controllers connect automatically or possibly sync them to the unit. This however is not the case. The controllers require four AAA batteries to in order to use them. Once you're at the main menu scrolling through, you could find yourself wondering why there is such an odd selection available. Many of these titles that have sequels or prequels in the series are not listed there. An example of this would be Shinobi 3 being available but not its predecessors Shinobi 1 or Revenge of Shinobi.

Recent rumours say that the Nintendo/Sega rivalry is making a rise again since the announcement of the Mini-NES, but this isn't necessarily the case. This is not the first Mega Drive of its kind to be released. Chinese manufacturer AtGames has been producing the Sega branded Mega Drive since early 2012 (see the video below for an unboxing of the previous model). Several reports indicate that the recently announced and marketed 2016 Mega Drive is another emulation box that does not contain any genuine Sega Genesis internal hardware.

Many people who like to game, and grew up with an original Sega console tend to steer clear of these purchases due to horrible sound quality, poor controller signal reception and visual latency due to the terrible HDMI port from standard AV out.

Sega have reportedly announced that they currently have no intentions of a Mini-Sega release with genuine parts in the near future. While wishes are high that the Mini re-release trends continue, we can only sit and hope for the best.

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