Telltale's Batman Confirmed

That's right the time of the Bat is nigh!

Telltale's upcoming episodic Batman game is launching digitally for consoles, PC and mobile devices next month! (August 2016) An official release date is expected sometime next week when the studio releases the games world premier trailer.

 Additionally, Telltale have confirmed the game will be available physically September 13-16 depending on your location. The disc will contain the first 5 episodes with the remaining four downloadable as they become available. Warner Bros. is publishing the physical game, available on PS4, XBOne, PS3 and XBox 360.

Batman will also be getting play-through on the big screen at this years Comic-Con by non other the Bruce Wayne/Batman himself, Troy Baker. People in attendance can shout out their dialogue choices to help shape how the game is played out.

Keep it here for more information as it becomes available.

Pat (Snoogan512)

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