The Crew, XBox One

This months games with gold was once again a stellar line up. Luckily for me The Crew was still available when i picked up my XBox One.

Originally released to mixed reviews The Crew is an online RPG, but with cars. Developed by Ubisoft Reflections and Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft.

As the story goes, you've been framed and done time for your brothers murder, a chance to go undercover to find the real killer you're set free but on a leash to the FBI.
The story here is a pretty straight forward revenge story and one I've played many times before. Work your way up the ranks till you're high enough to take on who you're after, who also just happens to be the leader of the gang now.

The real core and fun to be had is with the cars. Not only can you upgrade your cars parts and driving perks, you also have full control over the visuals making each car uniquely your own.
Racing feel is more towards the arcade style than a sim but tweaks can be made. The optional 'Sport' and 'Hardcore' modes give sim fans a little taste of what they crave. Perks are also added as you progress to help with things like handling, grip and driver to help with making your car feel a lot more planted on the road.

Each race also has the option to find your crew. You can crew up with friends and stay together throughout or you can meet up with others online. Your Crew is there to help you in races and if you all pass the finish line within a certain time limit there is extra XP to be had.

Visually there is nothing to write home about but then again the game is 2 years old. It is still what you would expect from a next gen racer. Cars themselves are gorgeous but the environment lacks in certain areas with popping and lower resolution on some of the foliage.

Having just passed a whopping 5 million players there is still plenty going on in the world and plenty of people to get in and race with. Like other Ubisoft games I have found the online community to generally be pretty relaxed and good to get along with.

Currently available till 15.07.2016 with an Xbox Gold Account it is well worth the download and if you're jumping in be sure to add me and come cause some trouble.

Pat (Snoogs)

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