Tom Clancy's The Division Update July 12th 2016

Better late than never right? We have had so much on lately at AG Express that we almost missed the update notes for The Division. Never fear though, we got there eventually!

Maintenance on Tuesday 12th July brought with it an approximate 1.7gb update that addressed a few issues. One in particular had our ever so popular member and co-host of the podcast Red fuming with a loss of 50k DPS. Fair to say it was ultimately a pretty big Red rage moment when he logged in after the scheduled maintenance had finished!

The patch addressed many issues that seem to keep arising including the AlphaBridge gloves to miss some of their attributes which will cause all existing AlphaBridge gloves to reroll, to the one that got Red's beard in a knot by lowering the base damage of all G36 Assault Rifles by 15%. All fixes and resolved issues are listed below!

  • Reduced the base damage of all G36 Assault Rifles by 15%.

  • Fixed a bug where named weapons could not have their talents recalibrated.

  • Fixed a bug where the Megamap would not open for some players.

  • Fixed a bug where the AlphaBridge Gloves could miss some of their attributes. Note: this change is retroactive, which means that all attributes on existing AlphaBridge Gloves will be rerolled.

  • Fixed a bug where the game music would stop completely when logging out while inside an Incursion.

  • Fixed a bug where recalibrating the last Talent on the PP-19 submachinegun would not yield a free Talent.

  • Fixed a bug where using the Evacuation Point in Underground before the new Objective Notification has appeared caused the mission UI to break.

  • Fixed a bug where the Sentry Gear Set bonus would incorrectly apply when using The Showstopper automatic shotgun.

  • Fixed a bug where PC players would be able to use multiple consumables at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug where using a Signature Skill could cause the visual effect to be applied to all nearby players (not just group members).

  • Fixed a bug where weapon talents could stack indefinitely while using the Alpha-Bridge Gear Set 4-piece bonus.

  • Fixed a bug where recalibrating weapon talents would yield a random bonus, instead of the one selected in the UI.

  • Fixed a bug where players would die when returning to certain missions after respawning in a safe house.

  • Keep fighting agents and keep New York safe!
    Cheers Weeksy

    Written by Zachary Weeks
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