Copy Kitty (PC)

This month, Nuclear Strawberry and Degica bring us a brand new Indie game for PC- Copy Kitty.

Copy Kitty is a fast paced, arcade style platformer. With upbeat music to keep you energised throughout and plenty of flash and colour it's easy to lose a lot of time here.

As we begin the tutorial, Boki gets a knock at her door. A game, called Flux, is given to her from her uncle- a game designed for training military. Boki puts it in the system and is instantly transported inside the game to begin her training with Savant.

Savant is her tutor in this strange world full of Matrix style coding and as yet unknown enemies. While Boki desires to be a hero she is pessimistic at best on how achievable this is. Savant counters her cynicism at every step saying her skills will be honed and she will become more powerful if only she applies herself.

Much like Boki you feel thrown into an unknown world with skills you have to grasp quickly. Weapons are plenty and each has its own unique traits. It's quite fun figuring out which weapon suits which enemy best.

As you progress through the tutorial and first world of the game, Savant teaches Boki that she has the skills to copy the abilities of anything she fights. Boki pushes this further still and is able to combine 3 enemy abilities at once creating an impressive 175 unique super-weapon combinations.

As I started kicking and shooting through a highly destructible level I was pulled back into my old Duke Nukem days- shooting a path through walls, unlocking new areas as I completed each objective and of course all the “pew-pew” goodness. Copy Kitty adds yet more to this retro platformer style with its insane colour and movement which always surrounds you.

At the start of each level you are given a weapon choice- or no choice at all proving you need to earn your way with a few roundhouse kicks to your enemies. Across the top of the level screen the enemies contained within scroll back and forth like some kind of Space Invaders style attack, teasing you about what is to come.

The ability to play with both characters promises a diverse experience as different strengths and styles of gameplay are delivered. While Boki is a hard hitting, mass destruction focused pyromaniac, Savant is a more skilled and precise fighter and can be unlocked further into the game.

Copy Kitty boasts over 100 levels with 20 bosses, each level replayable for the best possible score (look out perfectionists!!). Enemies are varied, which keeps things interesting. And as if that weren’t enough, you can also tackle Copy Kitty on hard mode and in endless mode with randomly generated environments and bosses. If you manage to complete all this and you are still looking for more, you have a full level editor which allows you to make your own levels. It’s safe to say you have many hours of enjoyable game play here.

My overall impression with Copy Kitty was very positive. To the extent I played there was nothing too obtuse contained within, so this is a great one for the whole family and sure to have enough for both the casual and hard-core gamer.

Copy Kitty is available on Steam from August 12th for PC.



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