DREVO: GRAMMR 84 Key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

There are a lot of keyboards out there if you're in the market for something to compliment your gaming experience. DREVO is a company that is relatively new on my radar when it comes to PC peripherals so it was a pleasure to take one of their products for a test run.

I have the DREVO: GRAMMR 84 Key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard at my disposal and I put it to work to see how it would stack up against other keyboards that I have used for gaming and everyday use.

The very first thing I noticed out of the box was its overall size. It has a small footprint which makes it ideal for those with limited desk space or for those that intend on using the keyboard to move around from location to location for either meetups at friends' houses or for competitions.

The compact design is essentially made possible by using a layout similar to that of a laptop with the omission of the number pad on the right hand side of the keyboard. While this does make a neat package that is easy to store or move around, the lack of the number pad does make general use a little bit trickier. I did find that while playing games, the missing number pad didn't really make much of a difference to me, as I usually use the numbers which are placed above the letter keys due to their proximity to the W,A,S,D keys which made them the obvious choice. The only time that I started to miss the number pad was when I was using my computer for general use such as word processing, or data entry (yes I have to do that too).

They keys themselves are likely to be in anyone's opinion, the most important part of a keyboard for obvious reasons. The placement of the letter keys were standard which meant that there was no need to re-learn any of the keys positions. I touch type (type while looking at the screen and not the keys) and I found no issue with keypresses on this keyboard. I did run into issues though when I attempted to use the CTRL and DEL keys however because they're not in your usual positions. The issues are what I would call minor and they were easy for me to overcome in a short time.

The construction of the chassis and keys feels solid which gives a sense of overall durability. When the keyboard is sitting on the optional legs on the back, the keyboard sits at a nice angle for typing and also feels very sturdy. One particular point that I noticed and must make mention of is the relative silence of the keys when pressed. I often use mechanical keyboards and I have noticed that they are usually quite loud when you 'click' a key. This keyboard is one of the quietest mechanical keyboards that I have tested out.

The DREVO GRAMMR 84 Key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard comes with programmable and pre-set back lights that look excellent. For an example of how it looks and works, check out the video review that put together below. Although the lights looked nice, I felt that most of them would be distracting during use, but with the ease of turning it on and off, it would be a nice little 'screensaver' for the keyboard when you're not using it. The back lighting comes in a white colouring which gives the ability to have a strong bright back light or you are able to dim it down if you're working in low light.

The connection uses a long braided USB cable which looks and feels nice to touch. Due to the use of a USB connector you only need to plug it in to use. There is no requirement for any software to be running on your computer to take full advantage of the features built directly into the keyboard. All of the lighting features are all accessible through the keys on the unit itself. This is not only convenient for first time use, but it also makes this easier to use when you're plugging into a competition or friend's PC.

Overall my experience with the DREVO GRAMMR 84 Key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard was solid. I enjoyed playing games with it but I would have to say that it's not an all-rounder. It did fall short with general use for the reasons that I've already listed above. Due to its USB connection, it's very easy to have this keyboard plugged into your PC along with another simultaneously so that you can switch between the two depending on the task you intend on doing.

Go ahead and check out the DREVO website to make your order - CLICK HERE

For an unboxing and video review, check out the video below:

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
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