Games With Gold: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate review

If you love killing thousands of enemies in a matter of minutes, then this game may just be in your list of games to play. But is it really simply that good? Well let’s get to the grit of this over-the-top hack and slash battle simulator.

The story was lost to me rather quickly but here we go. As far as I can understand without consulting uncle Google, you play as three remaining generals in an army of resistance fighters who are fighting to destroy the demon army and their super powerful Hydra. Ultimately you fail and are forced to retreat due to the lack of combatants in your army and the overwhelming forces of the demon army. Once you have retreated you are hunted down by the demons, but a mystic from the spirit realm appears and saves you by taking you back in time so you can save the comrades that you had lost before the big battle. You do this so you can have a bigger and stronger army to succeed the next time you must face the demon hordes and the Hydra.

The visuals of this game are very basic as I’ve come to expect from most JRPG’s, most likely to account for the fact that there are hundreds of soldiers on the screen most of the time. I can look past that, but it lacks in the animation department also. It seems as if they've rushed the animations and they just look clunky and don’t flow into each other. For example when I attack and then chain a different attack into the original attack it looks like the character resets their stance before the chain attack unless it’s a special attack, Which I can only assume is just a single long attack animation.

The one thing I really did like about this game was the hub world. Here you can buy new weapons and gear for your generals to use and even plan out some of the battles and choose who you wanted fighting by your side. This feature alone made the enjoyment level increase ten fold. I love the ability to plan missions and customize my characters, rather than follow a set line with set characters in massive scale battles.

Although this game does not appeal to me as much as I had hoped, I feel it has something there for everyone. From the fans who will 100% it to the people who are like me and just want to lay waste to armies after a long day. It’s a value game for the Games for Gold and I reckon you should pick it up to have in your back pocket and give it a try sometime, who knows you may just like it.

Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate Available from August 1-31 on Xbox One

  • Good game to just sit back and relax and destroy some armies.
  • Easy to get the hang of control wise
  • Character customization such as weapons and party 
  • Lack of animations make for repetitive combat
  • Not a very engaging story

SCORE:  5 out of 10
  • Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One
  • Genre: Hack and Slash 
  • Initial Release: 5th September 2014
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Publisher: Koei
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