Brought to us by Ukrainian developer Beatshapers, #killallzombies is a twin-stick shooter zombie survival game that truly delivers. Having been released on PS4 back in 2014, the ‘kill for sport’ style game is expanding its reach to the Xbox community too, meaning more gory glory for everyone!

#killallzombies is a relatively straightforward shooter which asks you to achieve your highest scores and beat your friends in one of three modes: Survival, Defend the Vault or Coop. Each mode has its own difficulties and perks but whichever way you go you know it’s going to be great fun.

The most emphasised mode is of course Survival. Set in an arena made of many hexagons there are four points of entry for your zombie hordes: north, south, east and west. You are set into the centre of the arena and given the option of two guns. As soon as you have made your selection the game is on! Zombies will begin to filter in slowly at first but the hordes soon arrive more quickly and in greater numbers, rendering a large arena rather claustrophobic all of a sudden.

Zombies are not the only obstacle of which you must be wary. Just as you begin to get the hang of things the floor of the arena begins to change. Groups of hexagons begin to fall and rise, some are replaced with lethal spinning poles bearing blades on every side and ironically medical vans drop from the sky. All of these can and will kill you if you don’t have your wits about you. However, with enough savvy you can utilise these to your advantage, using brain over brawn by leading your unintelligent zombie pursuers into danger. Hello Multi-Kills!!

Across the board spawn different items- XP boosters, health packs, ammunition and weapons are among them. Each is only available for a short time though so time is of the essence. As you continue to mow down the hordes you will also receive the ability to use a perk. These perks are once again varied and best used once your friends begin to block your path. From weapon boosters to my favourite, the Grim Reaper, perks will give you either an option of escape or increase in damage, or will ask you to trade your health for the chance at an XP boost. The choice is up to you.

The second mode is Defend the Vault. Much like the first mode the biggest change here is that at the centre of the arena you have your own fortress. The zombies here will focus all their efforts on ripping it down rather than chasing you, so of course defence is your main focus here. It takes far less time for your fortress’ health to be depleted which presents a high level of challenge.

So if you can lose your fortress so easily, where’s the fun in that? Well besides the additional level of difficulty, you are also provided with some neat weapons…did someone say turrets? Master your turrets and you’ll have the ability to mow down the hordes as they approach from every side. Last long enough and you’ll set yourself a nifty high score.

The third and last mode is Coop. This mode is exactly like survival but this time you have your buddy with you, which means twice the firepower, twice the perks, twice the fun. You also have the ability to revive your teammate meaning you can set your highest score yet! But don’t expect the game will take it easy on you.

However you choose to play, the ultimate goal is to set that high score as high as possible. And this is where the game comes into its element, in my opinion. Whether you play with a mate and work together for the best score, or take turns to one up each other in single player, this game is a whole lot of mindless, gory fun.

With all this, #killallzombies brings in another neat feature. Via a Twitch stream of the game, chat members are encouraged to type pre-set commands into the chat and watch the hysteria unfold. The audience can physically alter the gameplay in real time, be it by providing the player with more bonuses, or by making their life even more difficult with deadly obstacles and arena manipulation. The level of insanity experienced is truly up to you. It’s truly the most lucrative trolling I’ve ever seen!

Along with all the neat features and great fun, the soundtrack for the game is upbeat and hard hitting. Motivating you to go further, faster, and truly feel invincible it will keep you amped and coming back for round after round.

All in all I truly can not fault this game. While the graphics are not overly detailed this really doesn’t feel important at all. What has been achieved is a lot of time and zombie killing fun, bundled up in a fresh and lively package.

If you haven’t checked out #killallzombies yet I strongly suggest you do. It is certainly not a difficult game to master but there are a lot of hours of play to be had.

Out now for both Xbox Live and PSN.


Remutha, or Rem, has been writing for 8 years. Combining this with a love of video games Rem has been writing game reviews for 2 years.

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