No Mario's Sky

Looks like our favourite little plumber is now following the path of the Atlas!

No Man’s Sky offers players the infinite planets to explore, on your journey to the centre of the universe. The classic Super Mario Bros games brought us hours of fun crushing goombas, whilst tackling challenging platform levels on our way to rescue the Princess.

Imagine the result if both of these games were placed in a blender and mashed together? 

Well that’s exactly what four Melbourne based developers have done, and released No Mario’s Sky.
Just like the classic Mario games, our little plumber hops around colourful brick filled worlds much alike any level from the classic platformer, however once you find Toad (who seems to have spent the last few years hitting the gym) Mario is told “Our Princess is on another world.. press x to use your spaceship” This in turns sees Mario hop into his trusty Alpha Vector and jets off through space to find other unknown randomly generated environments and foes on other Worlds throughout the universe.

What is most impressive is that it only took 72 hours for the developers to create the title for Ludum Dare 36. Held every April, August and December, each Dare event challenges creators to develop and craft a fully functioning game over the space of a weekend focusing on a different theme suggested by the community.

The controls are basic and it is a little hard to master the perfect jump, but with a limited number of lives and a game over after walking into one Goomba too many, this little platformer / space sim is quite a challenge. How long Mario keeps exploring the stars before Nintendo forces this game to be taken down is anyone’s guess, but for now No Mario’s Sky can be downloaded for free HERE.

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