Overwatch: Summer Games Update

With the rapidly approaching Olympics, it seems only fair to bring out your sports uniforms, flick on the television and root for your favourite team. But for those who like the sporting season but do not follow a specific team, why don't you root for yourself instead?

In Overwatch you engage the enemy team on a battlefield attempting to complete certain objectives, such as Capture, Hold, Escort and more. It is set in the future after a past of humans entrusting robots with A.I that eventually turned against all of humanity and started making military robots. Bringing together the strongest and the brightest, the UN created an international task force to stop them, they were called Overwatch.

Each character has their own unique persona, special ability and origin story that the game will reveal itself over the players career. Whilst in this title it becomes apparent that no lone player will be able to win the game. Every player will need to pull their weight to have a fighting chance. Many players praise the creators of Overwatch for not including gear unlocks other than the cosmetics, forcing every player onto an even playing field. Each time you level up you will receive a loot crate, inside each loot crate you will receive four items, the items can range from skins, sprays, highlight introductions, emotes, voice lines, victory poses and various amounts of in-game currency to purchase more cosmetics.

Each week there is a spotlight game mode, typically certain characters in a free-for-all or an objective based game mode. However, the most recent update seems to break up tradition, Blizzard have released a statement advising that over the next three weeks the spirit of competition will be celebrated. Any loot boxes earned during this time will be themed Summer Games, in which you can collect over 100 new cosmetics. Both players and Blizzard are really happy for this as a trial for seasonal promotions. While Blizzard have confirmed that they have plans for the future of seasonal events in Overwatch, They have advised that they are not ready to reveal what is in stock for future events just yet.

Then event ends on August 22, while you do not lose anything that you earn, if you are keen on any of the available cosmetics you will not gain another chance.

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