Plantronics RIG500

The time had come! My Playstation wireless 1.0 headset was dying after about 4 years of very reliable use. I only had 2 requirements, multi platform connectivity and a competitive price.

The multi platform requirement instantly took wireless out the window, not really a worry to me as you can just plug into the controller now. Looking for something competitively priced proved to be a bit more troublesome. I was concerned I would have to compromise on certain things, build quality, sound quality and comfort. But after a month of researching and window shopping I found exactly what I was after in the Plantronics RIG500.

The RIG500 is a neat little package and one that has the ability for some slight customisation options also.
Let's have a look at the specs,
  • Endorsed by the ESL
  • Dynamic 40mm Drivers
  • Isolating earcups
  • Noise-cancelling boom
  • Weight: 200grams
  • Freq. response: 20Hz - 20kHz 
  • 1.5m cable length
Nothing really to blow you away there, yet the way the RIG500 performs you would think you are using something of a much higher price range.

First of all when you open the box you are greeted with pieces that you need to put together yourself, all clicking together easily and sturdily for a good fit. You can position the ear cups at three different "heights" for that perfect fit on your head. You also won't believe just how light they feel once on, they have a fabric ear cup instead of the leather variety which aids in the wearing it for an extended gaming session, allowing airflow to stop that hot ear we are prone to get in intense encounters.

Sound quality is reasonably good. Range is good through bass and midrange, high pitched does get a little tinny but its a very rare occurrence in most games. Sound is directional and works great when chasing down a target.

The mic is a neat little feature. Featuring an adjustable boom arm with positionable mic it allows you to position it just for you. Voice comes across crisp and clear to all in the chat and to mute you just have to flick the boom up and you can swear all you want. Well, unless you're within reach of a back handing!

Noise cancelling is ok to a point. It does enough that you can be immersed in the game, yet be in a noisy room and you will still be able to hear it. It is hard to describe how the external sounds come through, kind of like a distant noise that is clear.

The RIG500, with a RRP of $99.95, able to be used on PC, PS4 Xbox One and anything that has a 3.5mm headphone jack,  is a good quality headset. While it's features are not up there with some of the top priced products available, there is only one part I would change, I would have liked to be able to change volume and mix on the cable but that is really just looking for something.

The Plantronics RIG500, available now and competitively priced. You'll be quietly surprised.

Pat (Snoogan512)

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