Titanfall Technical Test: Success or Failure?

For those of you who remember the Xbox One's title Titanfall, you may also remember how much of a flop it was with its exclusivity being among the biggest reason for its failure to appease the public. Well they are making a sequal with a few twists, one being that it is available on PS4 also. But have they sorted out some of the other major problems that the original had, let's initiate Titanfall right into the middle of this online technical test and see.

At first glance there are some major differences, burn cards where are they? And what the hell are Networks? Well burn cards are non-existent but replaced by an in game mechanic that lets you use some of your titan's build time to Amp your weapons until you die. Thus removing the use of most of the good old burn cards you know and remember. As far as networks go, I assume they are a way for you to create a clan to get your friends to join so you can play among friends more often than randoms, which sounds like a good idea.
There are new customization's and new game modes, all with some good and bad but mostly good. Such as the Titan abilities with one making you feel like Iron Man using the chest bursting repulsor that comic book fans love. Some fancy new gadgets such as the grappling hook have made their debut in the players arsenal and it is oh so much fun. Combining a quick retracting grappling hook with a small jet-pack makes for some fancy flying and opens up the game to a whole new level of pilot maneuverability.

Titan on Titan combat has been made more fluent and feels more natural than its predecessor, with new abilities like the chest laser I spoke of earlier. But mostly the new array of weapons and addons you can outfit your Titan with, such as a chip that makes the Auto-titan's AI more effective while following you around. If you're like me and don't control your titan much because you rather boots on the ground. Things like that really opens the doors to players who like to play specific roles in their team and will probably broaden the competitive scene in Titanfall.

So far I am happy with Titanfall 2 and I look forward to playing in the second technical test set for availability this weekend from 26th till the 29th.


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