Tricky Towers: August PSPlus

We've all done it at least once, whether you're old enough to have played it in its original form, or a newer version on a smartphone, it's a game that transcends ages and trends.

I am of course talking about Tetris, a game that can be both rewarding, and phone snappingly frustrating. Enter Tricky Towers, from WeirdBeard, one of the PS4's PSPlus titles this month.

Couch multiplayer titles seem to be in flavour at the moment. Bringing back the good ol days of tantrums, elbow throwing and doing whatever you can to throw off those sitting next to you. Tricky Towers fits neatly into this role with four player competitions both online and off.

Tricky Towers is a physics based tower building game in the spiritual vein of Tetris. You use "Tetriminoes" to build your towers as fast as possible, but beware, your tower can fall if you don't have it nice and balanced.  Just to change things up a bit, you can also cast spells. Spells that can either help or hinder.

These spells help make Tricky Towers a fun multiplayer game. Do you use a light spell to help your own build? Or throw out a dark spell to destroy your opponents?
There are three modes in multiplayer:

  • Race: The winner is the one who builds the highest tower in the allotted time. 
  • Survival: Each time a block falls you lose a life. 
  • Puzzle: You have a set number of blocks, and must build a tower under a certain height. 

Unfortunately Tricky Towers starts to lose a little of it's appeal in single player, the fun just isn't there when you're sitting alone on the couch...

In short Tricky Towers is one of those games that will stay on your hard drive solely for the times you and a couple of friends have had a couple and want a laugh. Unless you're a massive puzzle fan I cannot see much of a draw from the single player mode but give the multiplayer a go, it's where the fun is to be had. 

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Tricky Towers is available as an August PSPlus title and also on steam. 

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