Why Do We Game?

Calling on the older generation, those of us 30+ who are still gamers and love their hobby in all forms. I have a question for you all. It is something I have been asked time and time again. That question,

"Why do you still play video games?"

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am in my mid 30's, married and a father to two small children. My position at work could be seen as upper management in a professional/businessman type roll. I have found it to be very strange to a lot of people I work with, are my customers or even meet in the role I play with Aussie Gamers Express, that am still an avid gamer, to the point where I write, research and publish works in relation to the gaming scene.

So let me tell you why I still game and why I love it so. It has nothing to do with "Peter Pan Syndrome" I am not trying to hold onto the past, it is more that I understand gaming. I understand gamers. Gaming is such a broad spectrum of artistic expression yet it is one I get each and every sector of.
I love music and movies, yet in the past couple of years both have been ruined for me. With the exception of Star Wars and Star Trek I have not seen a movie in a while I can say I loved when I walked out of the cinema, nor have I heard a track on the radio for probably years now I have instantly liked. My sports of choice, well that is one part where I miss the good ol days.....

Gaming on the other hand, every couple of weeks I am blessed with being able to try out something new, something that takes me out of my comfort zone, and more often than not I find myself enjoying them.
My age/maturity has me in a position where I can help people also, I am setting up a friends XBox One for their kids for Christmas and I have been able to help people in choices for their children in what games should and shouldn't be played, from the view of a parent myself.

So I ask you this Aussie Gamers,

Why is it that you still play video games?

Leave us a comment either below or on the post associated with this as we would like to know your thoughts.

Pat (Snoogan512)
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