ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Oculus Ready ROG G20CB

A whole new universe is opening-up, and the time has come for explorers to step forward. Are you prepared to begin your quest?

The new Republic of Gamers G20CB desktop by ASUS offers both a compact size and all the cutting
edge graphics and processing power to bring you into the VR revolution. Oculus ready, simply boot up and plug in, to catapult yourself into gaming like you've never experienced. A desktop computer that fits anywhere, and offers incredible power, the ROG G20CB brings virtual reality, games, work and entertainment to life!
You have all the tech you need when you make this lightweight, compact, powerful machine the center of your gaming universe. There's no time to lose! Check out the Republic of Gamers G20CB today, and let your journey begin!

With an incredibly compact and convenient size, the G20CB sports a designer 9.5-liter case, making it literally the world’s most space-efficient, high-end gaming desktop! A perfect form-factor for games, work or entertainment that fits seamlessly into your life.

The cutting edge of desktop gaming, the G20CB sets you free from desks and cabinets piled high with wires, plugs and bulky tower PC's. Critically acclaimed for its bold, innovative styling, the G20CB is a compact powerhouse that will set you apart from run-of-the-mill gamers. A desktop that you cannot afford to judge by size alone!

Battle across distant galaxies all day, and the ROG G20CB doesn't even break a sweat. Designed for high-powered use, this desktop remains whisper-quiet, while it's cutting edge heat-management system keeps everything running cool. With its aggressive design, top-notch specs, and unbelievable speed, it's no wonder that the ROG G20CB has been racking up accolades like a heavyweight
Handling heavy files becomes a breeze with the latest in 6th generation Intel processors. Running
Windows 10, the ROG G20CB boots up with lightning speed, and loads games and apps so fast, it'll
make your head spin! Work, videos, 3D-models, games, and more are no match for the high performance capabilities of the Republic of Gamers G20CB. It's a total knockout!

The heart of next generation gaming is Virtual Reality and the ROG G20CB will take you there! Oculus ready, this incredible gaming desktop has everything you'll need, right out of the box.
A powerful, state-of-the-art NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics card easily handles intense processing to deliver smooth, stunning graphics and bring you the next level of fully-immersive VR excitement.
Dominating the latest in demanding game titles, the G20CB is your ticket to explore the galaxy, soar
over cities, and discover the secrets of lost worlds. Are you ready to get your head in the game?

The ASUS Republic of Gamers G20CB is available only at Scorptec. Pick up this cutting-edge
desktop and join the VR revolution today!

Take your game to the next level for AUD $3999.

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