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Today I am going to take a look at Day of Infamy, a classic shooter that takes us back to World War II and takes place in a realistic battle for survival for the win. Day of Infamy is still in early access and like most early access games will set you back around $19.99USD and because of the game still being in early access this is merely my opinion of the game in its current state. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what day of Infamy is all about.

Day of Infamy was released on the 29th July 2016 into early access and brings back what was the beginning of many early FPS games, in WWII. Upon booting up the game you are greeted with a main menu screen that allows you to select one of three game modes. These include, single player missions from three sides of the war (Commonwealth, US and the Germans or the Axis Forces) which are challenging in their own right on the easiest difficulty (rookie) with the option of 'Veteran' which enables friendly fire as well as increased AI awareness. You can also play multiplayer battles which will allow you to select a server and play with others and cooperative missions which I can only presume that allows you to complete the single player missions with friends and allies. However with player numbers at a very low 65 while I was playing I wasn’t able to test this game mode.
Where Day of Infamy really strides is in the game play. I mean who doesn’t like being scared by an enemy soldier that comes out of a house and shoots you directly in the face bringing your assault to an abrupt end? On top of this the gun handling is superb, meaning you can’t grab the biggest machine gun and expect to hold it flat and be accurate. The recoil is insane and with no HUD other than a magazine counter you never know exactly how much heat you're packing in your gun (sorry to all those CoD players who like to reload after firing a bullet). But not reloading because you don’t want to waste what is left in your magazine can be a death sentence when a well drilled team comes flying around the corner and you're left to spray and pray but only have 10 rounds in your gun. Mix this in with basically one hit kills if in the upper body and many newcomers like myself can find it a little difficult. The best way to explain the game play is that it is realistic and the simplest of mistakes can bring about your end.
The loadouts that you are able to select are weapons that were used and were available during WWII. These include the Lee Enfield, Thompson M1928A1, M1 Carbine and many more. From the guns to the grenades it is all there to really make it feel like a WWII battleground.  You can select different classes like Engineer, Officer, Assault, Rifleman, Support, Machine Gunner and Sniper. Each class has its own weapons and different load out options such as grenades, back packs etc.
The graphics in Day of Infamy definitely will not bowl you over, but they are very much playable and work well with the gameplay. While I never come across any tearing I did encounter a few shutters however with a game that is still in early access you have to expect things like this to happen as they are nowhere completion at this stage.

Developer and publisher New World Interactive have done a brilliant job in bringing us a game that comes close to the roots of what it would be like to be in WWII and while certainly not on a huge scale you do get a great idea of what warfare would have been like.  While they still have a long way to go, they definitely do have a great platform in which to launch from and while I am not a huge fan of online shooters (as I am not overly brilliant at the competitive side of things) I will be keeping an eye on Day of Infamy to see what they can further bring to the table.

Cheers for reading guys and girls!

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