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EVE: Valkyrie Launch Details (PSVR)

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PlayStation Australia is pleased to confirm that Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a partnership with CCP Newcastle to publish EVE: Valkyrie as a physical retail disc for the launch of PlayStation VR on 13th October, 2016.

This means in addition to a day-one digital download release on PlayStation Store, EVE: Valkyrie will land on shelves in select Australian retailers with boxed copies of the game for PlayStation VR. No matter how players choose to purchase EVE: Valkyrie, either digitally or on disc, in addition to the game they will receive the same great content which includes:
  • Legendary ‘S4 Wraith’ Fighter
  • PlayStation-only ‘Cobalt’ Flight Suit
  • Official EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Avatar
  • Limited Edition ‘Founder’s Pilot’ Forum Tag on
  • War Chest of 2,500 Gold 
Additional free content will be made available to all owners of EVE: Valkyrie throughout the game’s lifetime, and CCP is already planning the first free post-launch update to the game.

EVE: Valkyrie is set to become a launch title for PlayStation VR on 13th October at a recommended retail price of $84.95AUD. Watch how EVE: Valkyrie revolutionises space combat on PlayStation VR in the latest gameplay trailer here:

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