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WHAT: To celebrate Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary, the Ubisoft Club is giving all players the opportunity to discover or rediscover Ubisoft’s classics for free. As announced at E3, every month until the end of the year, the Ubisoft Club is giving away one Ubisoft digital PC game acclaimed for its quality, innovation and creativity.

This month’s free game is Ubisoft’s The Crew. A revolutionary action-driving MMO game that takes players on a reckless ride inside a massive open world recreation of the United States.

WHO: Ubisoft Club members worldwide
WHY: The Crew is an important step for Ubisoft as it is the first fully connected open world ever created by our studios. The game offers endless hours of driving through the most iconic American landmarks, recreating the full US territory from East Coast to West Coast. Through the Crew, Ubisoft reinvents the driving game genre by offering features that are traditionally dedicated to MMO or shooter games. The Crew includes constant community support and continues to provide players with regular content updates.

A brand new expansion, “Calling All Units”, set to release on November 29, will bring the “police versus street racers” fantasy to the game. All The Crew players will be able to enjoy the new street racer gameplay, whether they own the expansion or not.

Released in 2014, The Crew has now more than 9 million players, who compose a vibrant community in a breathtaking driving open world. It’s time for you to start your engine and to race across the US with your crew!

WHEN: The Crew will be available on Wednesday 14 September, 2016. The Ubisoft Club 30th anniversary offer runs throughout the year. The participating game will be revealed every month and will be available to Ubisoft Club members for free for 30 days only.

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