Introducing Pokémon Go Plus

RRP $49.95 from EB Games Australia

Pokémon GO Plus is a small wearable device that lets players interact with Pokémon GO without looking at their smartphone and it will launch in Australia and New Zealand from the 16th September 2016.

It will be compatible with both iOS and Android smart phones. Pokémon GO Plus connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and notifies players about nearby Pokémon and PokéStops. When a Pokémon is near, the device will vibrate and its LED will flash green. Players can press the button on the device once close to throw a Poké Ball. A successful catch will result in the device flashing and vibrating.

The Pokémon GO Plus will also blink and vibrate whenever in range of a PokéStop, allowing players to receive items with a simple tap of the Pokémon GO Plus button. Pokémon GO Plus can also be used while Pokémon GO is running in the background on smartphones.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Australia Facebook and Twitter for more details on where Pokémon GO Plus can be purchased.

To use the Pokémon GO Plus device with the Pokémon GO app, by Niantic Inc, an app update is required. Pokémon GO Plus is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Compatible OS versions: iOS 8 - 9
  • Compatible with: iPhone® 5/5c/5s/SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus
  • Android
  • Compatible OS versions: Android 4.4 - 6.0
  • Compatible with: Android 4.4 or higher that have Bluetooth® Smart(Bluetooth v4.0 or higher) capability and RAM2GB or more.

Please refer to compatibility information on Pokémon GO Plus Support site.

Pokémon GO Plus is unable to provide an alert for any Pokémon attracted by the in-game item Incense.Pokémon GO does not track distance walked when running in the background.

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