Nioh Release Date. Finally!

We finally after 12 years of being in development have a release date for Team Ninja's much anticipated and more importantly long awaited game Nioh. Nioh will be hitting our PS4's on February 9th 2017. It was announced at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference by Koei Tecmo producer Kou Shibusawa.

Nioh was originally announced as a PS3 title back in 2004 and has well and truly endured a long and troubled development but after the most recent demo on August 23rd and the one earlier in the year the signs looked promising that we would eventually get our hands on Nioh, which resembles and plays a little like a Dark Souls game only with Samurais.

Until then, lets just hope we dont have another Last Guardian situation on our hands, which by the way has been delayed once again, but hey no surprises there right?

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