Drive Club VR - Preview

Unfortunately the EB Games Expo has come and gone for another year, and whilst we wait patiently for the release of all the upcoming games we all got to play, for me the biggest attraction that had everyone queuing and talking about, was PlayStation VR.

AGE's Remutha behind the wheel
Before going to the Expo I had never experienced VR nor had any preconceived ideas and I wasn't jumping up and down on the VR hype train. I managed to experience a few hot laps on DriveClub VR, and with just five minutes sitting there with the headset on, I am sold. The demo I played was three laps and that is all it took.

From the moment the headset was placed on my head and the virtual car loaded in around me it was amazing to instantly be fully immersed in a world which only I could see. Turning my head around to the back seat behind me delivered a fully visible and in depth view that one would expect from a real car. The centre console was there as I looked down and moved my hand down to the arm rest, but of course in real life there was nothing there.

Whilst the driving settings and assists were altered to accommodate the Sunday drivers, once the lights went out and the race was under way it felt oddly enough like I was driving a real race car. I have driven a V8 Supercar, Formula Ford and a few V8’s in my time so I know the G-Force feel as you drive through corners, it was uncanny, impossible, but somehow PlayStation VR had tricked my brain and body into thinking this was real. You could feel the car sliding through corners, turning your head to face the apex of the corner, as you overtook cars turning your head you could see them slowly fall behind you, and it was cool to then look up and across slightly into your rear view mirror and see everything behind you clearly.

Drive Club VR gets my thumbs up and is currently set to be a launch title for PlayStation VR when it hits stores on the 13th of October.

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