When is VR more than just VR?

"Picked up my PSVR headset today, and in the first 10mins of using it, nearly cried - and it wasn't entirely because of the nightmare of cables (I like to have a good cable management system, and this is pushing it)."

VR is everywhere right now. It seems to be all anyone can talk about and for good reason.

It's almost a new life force in gaming and is taking the industry to new heights. There is no doubt that what can be achieved through a carefully engineered and programmed system is only as limited as the imagination which powers it.

But is VR just for gamers? Can it deliver more?

During my usual perusal on the subject I came across the above testimonial from a fellow gamer, Nathan, who really stopped me in my tracks...

"I have had grommets in my ears for almost all of my life - I'm 28 for reference (so well past the age where I should have "out grown" them and not needed them).

Because of this, there are certain things I can't do, nor will I likely ever be able to do, such as shower without ear plugs in, dive into a pool, and more.

Today, VR allowed me to have an experience I never thought possible - go for a sea dive.

I was lost for words.

Even at this stage in the techs life, it can give us hugely emotional experiences.

I truly am excited for the future of VR."

We share that excitement! What an amazing thing to have the unachievable experience offered to you and in the comfort of your very own home!

PSVR is already flaunting it's capabilities while the Occulus Rift is not far behind. Projects such as the Immersive Cocoon are being developed for the educational industries as we speak.

Technology is being imagined, created and produced with ever increasing speed and it's incredible to think just what we might be capable of in years to come.

Nathan, thank you for allowing us to share your testimonial. We hope you will enjoy many more 'unachievable' experiences!



Remutha, or Rem, has been writing for 8 years. Combining this with a love of video games Rem has been writing game reviews for 2 years.

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