WRC 6 Rally Racing for the Masses.

As I am sure most have heard by now, I am a petrol head at heart. Anything with a car I will get my teeth into.
Less than 12 months on from getting stuck into WRC 5, Kylotonn Games has released WRC6, and the improvement is nothing short of remarkable, but does it come close to knocking DiRT off the top of the podium? Let’s have a look.

WRC 6 really has positioned itself just under that hard core simulation that a lot of racing games are pushing you towards, it is still there for those with the steering wheel setup, or those like me that are border line crazy when it comes to a racing game. Then again, if you just want a bit of a challenge in a sport that you love, there are plenty of difficulty levels and assists available. The choice is yours.

One thing WRC6 does extremely well is removes the guess work on where you should be setting your difficulty. At the start of the game you are asked some basic questions on how much experience you have, then it proceeds to watch how you go through the first few stages and suggests a difficulty setting for you. Everything is available to be tweaked for you, even down to the timing and complexity of the Co-drivers notes. One thing I do suggest to try is the handling settings. Simplified can cause the car to be very twitchy and the fluid movements between corners that are needed for a good fast rally stage are very hard to string together. I set mine on full simulation, it just felt much more natural.

WRC 6’s career mode is an authentic recreation of the WRC series and its two feeder championships.  Fans of the sport will find all 14 rounds of the 2016 WRC season, including for the first time Rally China. Career mode is likely where you will spend most of your time. It has the usual staples, contracts and offers to navigate as you climb your way to the top, but plays it safe never really pushing the bar. Online you will find a couple of periodically changing challenges, if you’re inclined to show off to friends or the world. Multiplayer there is local split screen action, you can find or create your own rally events either publically or privately. During my play through the lobbies were relatively small and rarely filled up, so take a group of mates or join up with a few online. The community seems to be pretty good as is the way with most racing titles.

Visually WRC 6 is a massive leap from WRC 5 and you can see the work that has gone into creating the world. The cars are clean and crisp, damage mechanics are on point, tracks are tighter and offer a sense of speed and objects behave the way they should. Stones stop you violently while a barbed wire fence buckles under the impact of your car. Unfortunately there is a big problem with screen tearing and the frame rate can drop considerably a times when there is a bit happening on screen like when you race through a section where there is a crowd on both sides.

Overall WRC 6 is a good entry into a niche part of the racing market. Even with the graphical shortcomings it is a good solid rally experience that you can tweak to be just right for you. Whether you follow the World Rally Championship or just enjoy to throw a car through a corner WRC6 is accessible for anyone. At this stage though, DiRT still holds its place on the top spot of the podium for rally racing on current gen. 

WRC 6 is available now on PS4 & Xbox One.

Pat (Snoogan512/Snoogs)

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