Titanfall 2 Campaign Review

First of all, yes I am late to the party. Especially considering at the time of posting this Titanfall has been out for close to two weeks. But I felt that I needed to write a piece on exactly what I thought about Titanfall 2's single player experience.

Having never played Titanfall when the first game released on Xbox One very early on in the next gen consoles life, I cannot really compare the two. I do however know that Titanfall 1 didn't really include a campaign, it was more aligned with the multiplayer experience.

But enough of the background stuff, what I did think of the single player campaign in Titanfall 2? Well I can give you an answer in four words, "I BLOODY LOVED IT!" From the moment I started to the moment I finished it, I felt connected, as though everything I did mattered and that the slightest mistake meant starting again from the checkpoint and having to do that damn platforming again. Do not get me wrong, I loved how Respawn included the platforming into a first person shooter, which platforming is usually the last thing you would expect to find in a first person shooter.

The double jump and wall running work really well and make getting around and covering large distances easy and enjoyable. Sure I had a few rage moments when I accidentally double tapped the jump button just as I had begun a wall ran and jumped off to my death, but hey, I am a trigger happy sort of bloke and it was always bound to happen. Running along a wall shooting your enemy before jumping off into a slide and slide tackling an enemy to death is a very satisfying feeling.

While surviving outside of your Titan is a must if you are to make it through the campaign, fighting in your Titan is just as satisfying and rewarding. Epic boss battles that will make you want to rage and throw your controller, to the wide variety of loadouts to choose for your Titan basically covers every sort of play style you could imagine. Certain loadouts hold an advantage over other loadouts throughout various stages of the game, and picking the right or wrong loadout can be the difference between life and death.

Another thing that really engaged me in Titanfall 2 is the bond that is shared between a Titan and his pilot. The way the story unfolds is evident that the Titan relies just as much on the pilot as the pilot does on the Titan. While the story is fairly basic in that you are serving for the Militia, aiming to save your home planet from total annihilation from the IMC who seek to destroy the Militia to hold more of the galaxy. As well as the IMC you will have to deal with Mercenaries that have been hired by the IMC to help mobilise a weapon that will bring a swift and utter end to the Militia's home planet. Factor in the native wildlife and you are never short of an enemy to shoot.

The weapons feel balanced and there is a wide variety to choose from so that you can pick one that will suit your play style.

All in all, I loved the campaign and in my eyes for $79 (from JB HI-FI) it was must, definitely worth it just for the campaign. Although the campaign is rather short, maybe a little over 10 hours, the gameplay and the way Respawn have gone about Titanfall 2 makes it worth your time. Couple this in with a multiplayer experience that from all reports works well and you would soon get your money worth.

Well guys and girls, thanks for reading and I hope I have helped you with your decision if you were still sitting on the fence about Titanfall 2.

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