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Ark Survival Evolved finally debuts on PS4!

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Yes you did read the title correct, Ark is finally coming to Playstation! It will hit our PS4's on December 6th 2016, and is due to leave early access in Spring (assuming American) 2017. The PS4 version, which has been called Ark: Survivor's pack will come with the base game, as well as the recently released DLC Scorched Earth.

PS4 players will also receive a few bits and pieces for purchasing the game including, a bionic gigantosaurus skin, a set of female and male Manticore Armor as exclusive content. Support for Ark as an early access is due to continue right up until it releases from early access as stated in Spring 2017.

Ark is a open world dinosaur survival game that has a quite a fan base on both PC and Xbox. Coming to Playstation will hopefully expand Ark's player base. You must hunt, craft, scavenge, build shelters just to survive. You can team up with friends to create tribes and fight for survival against other players.

Think it might be for you? Keep an eye on the store and pick up your copy on December 6th.

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