Runbow Review

Runbow is yet another game that has made the long journey to makes itself accessible on multiple platforms. Runbow was originally released exclusively to the Wii U on August 27th, 2015 as a party game for up to nine players. As recent as the 18th November 2016 it has been available to PC players through Steam.

At first glance this game looked like a mix of Speed-runners, a game where players compete by running through a course as fast as possible in order to set the best times, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Runbow has several modes with a few being local multiplayer, online multiplayer and single player/co-op adventure of over 140 levels.
Music in this game feels like you are in a 50’s blues bar, with some tracks remixed with an electronic feel and it works well. I found myself bobbing my head on the main menu just listening to the music. Upbeat and paced music helps with the overall feel of the game because it gives you the sense of urgency as you try to beat levels and other players to progress or acquire bragging rights.

The major mechanic that the game is based on is, in each level there are multiple paths and platforms, each with different colours. Every few seconds a new colour washes over the screen and platforms of that colour disappear due to blending into the wash over colour. This creates a mini game inside of the game, making you focus on what is coming next and trying to plan your route. But don’t be fooled, to win you must do more than just watch colours. You will have to literally fight for first place using power-ups and your meat hunks. Power-ups are spread throughout a level and should be rushed to as soon as possible because it will give you abilities to either steal first place by switching spots with the player in front or you will receive defensive abilities to help keep that number one spot, these add a lot of replay ability and a lot of fun times when playing with friends and/or family.

There are hundreds of things to unlock in this game from art in the gallery to guest star characters from other indie games such as Shovel Knight and Rusty from SteamWorld Dig.
Overall this game's massive adventure mode, local and online multiplayer, series of unlockables and game modes, gives this game a great amount of replayability for you and your friends to laugh and challenge friendships with power-ups and betrayals.

Score: 7 out of 10

  • Rhythmic and fun music
  • Great replay ability
  • Engaging mechanics
  • Super fun with friends
  • Hard to find multiplayer game due to people not knowing it really exists
  • True experience is not gained if you don’t play with friends
Developer: 13AM Games
Publisher: 13AM Games
Platforms: Wii U, PC
Release Dates: Wii U, 23 October 2015, PC, 18 November 2016

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