SCUF Controllers Available in Australia

For the longest time, SCUF in Australia has been one of those things that we can liken to sightings of the Big Foot, Elvis and 2Pac. Gamers love talking about them and really want to have one close up, but they're not available in our country and if you wanted one, you needed to be sleeping with Jamie Packer or some other sugar daddy to have enough money to import one. This has changed now, with an Australian distributor called Bluemouth Interactive now offering pre-modded SCUF branded controllers with local pricing and local warranties.
Scuf Gaming is a Global Leader and Innovator in eSports, providing Tactical Gear for Elite
Gamers – Over 90% of the top Professional gamers in the World use SCUF.

Selling high-end accessories and customised gaming controllers for PC and Console, SCUF offers
a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve
Long known for being Australia’s premiere gaming accessories distributor, from today
Bluemouth is retailing SCUF’s best-selling controllers and accessories direct-to-the-public from
its own website at 
With SCUF extending into Australia for the first time in partnership with Bluemouth Interactive,
buyers’ will be able to get their hands on controllers faster and more efficiently. Previously
SCUF’s handcrafted, manufactured and custom-built controllers were built to order and
shipped from facilities in USA and UK. Now, SCUF’s best-selling controller configurations and
colours will be stocked locally, ready for swift dispatch. 
Bluemouth will also be carrying an extensive range of complimentary SCUF products for elite
gamers including controller add-ons, accessories and replacement parts. From today, buyers
Pricing for brand new SCUF controllers for PS4, Xbox One and PC start at AUD$219.95 
 In making the announcement, Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming said
“Australia is one of the most respected gaming markets in the World. The Aussie eSports
community is one of the top gaming communities in the World and one we have supported for
a number of years. Whilst we will continue to offer highly customised-controllers via our Global
website, we’ve recognized that our very best-selling controllers have a consistent configuration
in terms of options and colours. It’s those best-selling controllers which are now stocked locally.
By partnering with Bluemouth Interactive we also have the capacity to extend and grow the
SCUF brand in Australia plus offer much faster delivery times.”

David Provan, Managing Director, Bluemouth Interactive said: “When it comes to professional
eSports, the most important piece of equipment is the controller. Every feature on a SCUF
controller is designed to increase performance and match players’ reflexes, faster response
times, improved accuracy and precision. SCUF controllers allow players to play at their full
potential. We are delighted to partner with SCUF & represent the best professional controller
company in the world. It is so exciting to bring their brand values, unique design style and
exceptional performance direct to Aussie gamers and our growing community.”

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