Uncharted Movie Making Moves

We have been hearing about a live action movie for Uncharted for some time now, however it has been clouded with issues with directors/writers and actors coming on board and then leaving a short time later.

Movies based on video games don't have a good track record and any video game fan knows this fact too well. The production history of the Uncharted movie could be a sign that this just shouldn't go ahead, or it could be the telltale signs that Naughty Dog, the developer for the hit video game series (including The Last of Us), just won't settle for anything that is less than the best.
The original director (David O. Russell) quit the project a few years back (2011) and the movie was shelved indefinitely. Now Shawn Levy is in the director's chair and the script has been completed by Joe Carnahan. This was announced via the above pictured Instagram post with the caption reading "Done and Dusted..."

Whether it's going to be any good is anyone's guess, however if this project eventually gets off the ground, with Naughty Dog putting their name to it, surely it has to be good.

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
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