For Honor Season Pass: Is It Worth It?

For Honor has been a muchly anticipated game for quite some time now, and while most of my mates took great pleasure in enjoying the closed and open beta's I steered clear of them. You see I am not much of beta person. I mean sure getting to have a good look at the game you are thinking about buying is pretty nifty, but I always suffer from the fact that once it is over, I then have to wait for the full release. The exception to my rule was The Division beta, which I loved immensely and while I was sure that I was going to purchase it anyway, playing the beta helped me have some understanding of the game and how things worked. However, I was not always sold on For Honor and with Nioh out at basically the same time, I wasn't quite sure whether I could cram it into the budget, however I did and I most certainly don't mind going without that extra beer just so I could have it!
Anyway enough about me and what I do and don't like to do, what I am here about is whether I could justify spending $59.95AUD on the For Honor season pass. Lets take a detailed look at what the season pass and your $60 bucks will get you.

  • 6 New Heroes
  • 6 Elite Outfits (one for each new hero)
  • 1 Exclusive Sunbeam Effect on emotes for all Heroes
  • 3 Exclusive Emblem Outlines
  • 30 Days Champion Status (+25% XP, extra loot and more)
  • 3 Premium Scavenger Crates
  • 7 days early access to new heroes
  • Early access to new content revealed later on

So as you can see most of the season pass is merely cosmetic stuff for your heroes as well as a siginifcant boost with champion status for a whole month. What I like about this is the fact that while season pass owners do get a few exclusive items that the general player base does not, every other item listed can be bought with steel (For Honor's in game currency). While the amount of steel required is quite a lot, over time and enough gameplay hours you will eventually get there if you really want to. 

So this brings me back to the question is the season pass worth the $59.95? In my opinion it is not, will I buy it? Most likely, but purely because I do genuinely love the game. Having logged in excess of over 25+ since picking it up on Wednesday, you can probably tell that. But for those who are not quite into as I am or a couple of the fella's here at Aussie Gamers Express I would say that it is not worth your extra money.
With Ubisoft following this template that was set with Rainbow Six Siege, is the competitive multiplayer season passes dying out? Probably not, because you are always going to have EA, Sledgehammer, TreyArch and Infinity Ward throwing their season passes at you if you want to get the most out of their games. To be fair to Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward, Trey Arch and Dice, it is probably more a decision that as come from EA and Activision hob knobs.

So there you have it, that is my views and thoughts on the season pass that is associated with For Honor. I hope that this has shaped, and/or helped you in your decision to purchase or not to purchase the season pass. 

Thanks for reading ladies and gents!

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