For Honor Upcoming Patch Details

With the launch of another Ubisoft title there was always going to be some teething issues. So much so that the list of upcoming updates is quite extensive. The Peacekeeper and Valkyrie will both be looked at. The Peacekeeper has an issue where sometimes during a guard break the 2nd and 3rd stabs do not apply a bleed effect. 

Valkyrie will be getting a buff of sorts, which to me doesn't make a whole lot of sense given that if you are playing against someone who is quite familiar and for lack of a better word good with her you stand next to no chance if they can chain together her sweeping attack. The buffs will include increased damage and further link options after pouncing thrust and hunters strike. Her light attacks will be quicker (reduced recovery time) and her light attacks chains will also be quicker. Adding her shield crush move to light attack chains and also reducing her recovery time after using hunters rush. 

The Conqueror and Berserker will also get a hot fix to prevent other players blocking their light attack and getting a free guard break.

The AI bots will also be getting a fix (no unfortunately they are not making them any less relentless) but making it so that when a player leaves, the bot does not replace them in that current round. Your team or yourself will automatically win that round if the bot was going to be the last person alive. This addresses the issue as to where a player would leave a match and he/she would be replaced by a bot with full life regardless of the leaving players current health status.

They will also be fixing the issue where currently the guard break cannot be countered like it could be in the beta. This will be reverted to the state as it was in the beta.

Also there was no mention of connection issue problems or fixes which is a little silly considering drop outs happen regularly. I understand that most of this would come from our connections as it is all PtoP based which once again for a game that was going to be this popular bemuses me as to why there are no dedicated servers.

However there is no date as to when these fixes will be deployed however you would have to suspect it would be in the coming week or so.

So there you have it, what are your thoughts? Are these fixes going to make your game play experience better? Or are you on the same page as myself and thinking that the Valkyrie buff is going to lead to another Nobushi OP situation? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Thanks for reading ladies and gents!
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