Sony Files Patent for a Switch-esque Controller

With the Nintendo Switch soon to arrive in stores, it seems the innovative design of the console is being recognised by other manufacturers. PlayStation manufacturer, Sony, has filed a patent for what looks like a new Switch-inspired handheld device.

The patent was filed back in 2015 but was only just recently published. It is not yet clear whether the side pieces are removable, though this could well be the case.
Sony patent image, courtesy of

Like Nintendo Switch, the device looks very much like a tablet with two controller halves on either side, with what looks to be half-controllers reminiscent of a Dual Shock 4, instead of Joy-Cons flanking the screen.
It's important to note that not all patents end up becoming products. Last year, Sony filed multiple patents for a glove controller that the company has yet to announce or discuss in any official capacity. The glove would be intended for use with PlayStation VR. 


So what are your thoughts? Is there space on your shelf for either of these ideas?



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