Destiny 2 Confirmed via Twitter

 Bungie have confirmed Destiny 2 via a tweet that they released earlier today (see below). The image above accompanied the tweet which displays a city on fire with what appears to be the "Traveller" hanging above with the glow of the flames licking at it.
A few days ago we saw a so called leaked poster (right) which appeared to be for Destiny 2 with the date "8 Settembre" written on it. I don't think we need Google Translate to work out that it's the 8th of September in English. The font used for the gigantic "2" appears to match and gives a lot of reason to believe the leak. So for those that sunk countless hours into Destiny (because the gameplay was amazing), set your calendars and get ready for the next instalment of Destiny later this year.

Aussie Gamers Express
28th March 2017


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