Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips


Get Those Long Sniper Shots (Thanks to Lachlan Parker)
Wildlands, like other games have issues with view distances and what the game can actually render when you get too far away. If you're trying to get a long sniper shot away for your statistics this can be rather hard to combat. However if you mark an enemy and then aim down scope while you walk backwards away from your target you can increase your shot distance without the enemy despawning and becoming impossible to see. Good luck with those shots.


So you've just started playing the latest Tom Clancy title Ghost Recon Wildlands and you want to go in with a few tips up your sleeve to maximise your chances in the drug ruled lands of Bolivia. Take a look a these hints and tips and hopefully they can help you to finish your mission. Good luck Ghosts.

Playing SOLO is Always an Option
While Wildlands is best played with your real life mates, playing on your own has its benefits. Take advantage of your AI team mates by utilising your skill points to upgrade your Sync shots. Often your team mates will be able to make shots that aren’t actually possible due to enemies being behind cover or a lack of line of site.

One Hit Kills
When you’re undetected most of your shots will be one shot kills regardless of where the bullet actually hits the enemy. Don’t worry if the enemy looks like they’re covered in armour and a ballistics helmet, take the shot and they’ll likely go down. If they know you’re there though, they will probably take a few shots to kill depending on the damage rating of your gun of choice.

Recon is in the Title of the Game for a Reason
Use your drone and your binoculars whenever you can. Having enemies marked car significantly increase your chances in a firefight because you will know where the enemies are at all time. Rushing into an area that is seemingly understaffed can turn ugly for you when other enemies appear out of thin air. There’s even a trophy or two in it for you eventually too.

Take a Dive
If your on screen marker suggests that you’re about to be seen, go prone in order to minimise your visibility and you might just save yourself a skirmish. This is most useful when an enemy helicopter is flying above as they won’t be able to see you if you’re laying flat on your stomach.

Take Out Alarms but Do it Quietly
If you see a tower with a beacon symbol on it, shoot it with a silenced weapon. Unlike a missed shot, the enemies won’t hear the noise and they will also be unable to call in reinforcements. Other games with this mechanic will need you to physically turn a switch off, but in Wildlands you are free to shoot it out from a distance without penalty.

We Don’t Need Roads Where We are Going
When navigating to a location, the mini map will show a GPS style way point for you to follow. While this is a safe method of travel you will often run into other enemies using the roadways. If you’re keen for some offroading then the fastest point from A to B as always is usually in a straight line. Don’t be afraid to drive your vehicle off the side of a road in order to skip large parts of travel. Alternatively you can fast travel or find yourself a chopper.

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16th March 2017
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