Utomik: Subscription Gaming for PC

We've got Netflix and chill, where we can sit down and stream absolutely anything you like from a library of movies, TV shows and more for one simple reasonable price each month with a subscription. Video games are slowly but surely making their way over to this format where we will be able to pay a monthly subscription and play whatever games we like. Microsoft has announced that they're looking into it, but that's a "coming soon" scenario. PC players like myself don't need to wait anymore because Utomik has hit the scene with a subscription service for you to have unlimited play.

Utomik has a catalogue (correct at time of writing) of 470 games ranging from just about every genre that you can think of. The way Utomik works is by signing up for either a single user or family plan which currently sits at $5.99US-$9.99US. Once you have your account set up you will need to install the user friendly launching application that will run on your PC not unlike Steam or Netflix.
You will be presented with a well thought out interface which really does resemble Netflix in design. You will see games that listed under popular headings such as "Most Popular", "New" and also several categories the likes of Adventure, Casual and Role Playing.

Starting up a game is simple, but can vary in time it takes to download depending on the size of the files. Some games are relatively simple which will allow you to start playing within a matter of a couple of minutes, while other will require some time to download, depending on your internet download speeds.

It must be noted that Utomik advertises itself at this point in time to be in "Open Beta" stages which basically means they're still working on their product and that there may be issues along to way. Some issues that are evident that are hopefully changed is that I could only get one game to download at a time, with no option to cue up multiple downloads to start as the one before it completed. Each download needed to be initiated separately. While you can store many games in your library, the inability to cue up the games for overnight downloading can be a hindrance.
The selection of games is sound for an early look into this new service. Most notable games included in the library are the Star Wars series of Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront II and also Borderlands. There are a lot of good well known titles to choose from here but there are also good selections of unknown smaller indie titles that are hidden gems waiting for you to stumble onto your new favourite that you can tell your friends all about.

Utomik's launcher app is runs quite well and seems to be free of major bugs, however when it comes to multiplayer games there may be some hiccups. With games that offer in game multiplayer you may find that there's a little note saying that the multiplayer portion of the game is not functional. This appears to be a major hurdle in providing video games outside of their original networks for play. This may be something that is added in the later stages of the Utomik life. I would like to see some form of integration that will allow cross play with platforms such as Steam, Uplay and Origin.
Although the massive hit titles won't make it to Utomik, just like super new release movies don't make it to Netflix immediately, this subscription service is showing great promise very early on in its life. The value for money is definitely there for someone who doesn't have a massive game library on Steam and wants to get started on their PC. There are a lot of games here for people to enjoy on all different kinds of PC's. If your PC isn't quite the powerhouse that you would have hopes for, there's still going to be plenty of games that will work.

If you're still not sure whether this is something that will suit your needs and tastes, go to their website and sign up for a free 14 day trial and give it a go. There are no contracts so if it's not for you then you can cancel.

Try it now: https://utomik.com/

List of Games: https://utomik.com/games/

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
7th March 2017
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