Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings is a 2.5D, side scrolling hack and slash action adventure or “Hackventure” game brought to us from Swedish developers, Zoink!
The developers have created a game that encourages players to play in a couch coop setting, in a world where online multiplayer is so frequent and popular. Boasting an online and offline, one to four player “coop stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon,” this game promises to be loads of fun.
The game begins as Odin’s eye is stolen by his son Loki in a bid for his attention. Odin summons four Zombie Vikings: Gunborg- a heavily armoured Viking woman, Seaguard- an octopus-like Viking warrior, Hedgy- a…well, kind of Hedehog, and Caw-kaa- a Viking woman raised by crows from infancy.
Each of these heroes possesses their own unique abilities and power moves. Gunborg is the tank of the game, causing heavy damage, while Hedgy is the most nimble. Seaguard’s attacks can be deadly in an instant, while Caw-kaa’s attacks are rapid and easily chained together.

Using these skills to your advantage is something you should absolutely do as you hack your way through the gingerbread swamps of Molgaga, fight your way through the intestines of the Midgaard Serpent and track down the ever elusive Loki. With over 25 levels in 8 different worlds there is a lot on offer here.
At the beginning of each level you will always be given the opportunity to play with any of the characters, as well as choosing from all the weapons and runes available to you. This encouragement to try everything is refreshing in a way and keeps the gameplay interesting.
There are side quests to unlock new weapons, plenty of loot and brains (because Zombies) to collect, and entertaining story and light-hearted commentary throughout.  At the completion of each area you are given your total score, measured by adding together your damage and loot collected.
Playing Zombie Vikings in a coop setting (couch or online) is the best way to complete the game. Not only will you be faster and more able to take down enemies, but you will be able to reach higher areas and more loot.
Included within your abilities is a pick-up action, something that makes this game stand out in its genre. You can pick up items, your enemies, your team mates, almost everything! You can stack all 3 of your teammates on top of one another to reach the highest places that are simply not possible to get to playing alone.
From this pick up action you can also throw everything. Sometimes you will need to throw an item or a team mate to bring down a drawbridge, or get to a platform, or across a gap to successfully navigate through a level. It’s even used to take down a level’s boss from time to time.
Another notable feature in coop comes when you complete a side quest. While in single player you automatically receive your new weapon, in coop the true Viking essence is brought out and you will be required to fight it out with your team mate- last standing gets the weapon. This is fun and keeps you on your toes in an otherwise straightforward objective.
Outside of the story mode, Zombie Vikings also offers a Versus Arena. There are several different arenas to choose from (11 on Xbox One) where you and your buddies can fight it out and see who is the best Zombie Viking of the crew. The arenas feature different elements that can be used to your advantage, either to escape a fatal attack, or to give your own attack a bit more force.
By far, however, my favourite arena during my play-through was the “Sokkar” arena. Here you’ll be pitted against one another with the additional objective of getting the soccer ball into your goals and deflecting your opponent’s scores.
The Versus Arena is a great mode to play couch coop/party style and is sure to bring a lot of fun and test those more competitive gamers.
Zombie Vikings is fast paced action that will keep your focus completely on the battle at hand. It’s a game that isn’t afraid to laugh at itself and that humour makes this a must play.
Zombie Vikings is available on PS4, Xbox and Steam.

*Exclusive for Xbox One version*

- Two DLC characters included (Raybjörn and Frostbjörn)
- Making-of video
- 5 additional versus levels

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