Batman- But Not As We Know Him

While Rocksteady may have finished their bout with the caped anti-hero, Batman is never far from our screens. Rumours have been circulating that sources from within Warner Bros. Montreal (who developed Arkham Origins) have knowledge of a new Batman game currently in progress. But there’s one small difference this time- the star of the game is not our well-loved Bruce Wayne, but his son Damian.

There are no firm details about the game, its continuity or relation to its predecessors or if it will even bear the Arkham name. But there’s plenty that can be speculated from this intriguing piece of news.

If you have ever read the Batman comics you will know that Damian takes up the mantle of Robin, not Batman. However one potential future timeline where Damian takes up the role of Batman himself does exist- and he’s not known to follow his father’s rules either. Anyone who gets in the way of this version of Damian will not live for long and can be disposed of in one of many extremely brutal methods. One such example shows an imposter Batman having his chest sliced open before Damian finishes him with a broken neck.

A flame flanked Damian in his one of a kind Batman suit is a recurring theme and there is no small hint of his possessing at least a small degree of supernatural power. Let’s take a moment to think back to the ending of Batman: Arkham Knight and the image presented to those who obtained 100% completion.

While it’s hard not to get excited about the possibility of this becoming a reality it is worth noting that Warner Bros. Montreal has suffered a lot of management shifting this year and those higher up the chain are no doubt reviewing any progress made by the dev team. This in mind it could be some time before this amazing game is console ready, if it is at all.

But hey, we can hope right?



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