Day of Infamy | Exits Early Access | Review

Day of Infamy started its life as a mod for Insurgency, a game developed and published by New World Interactive. Day of Infamy took on a life of its own and popularity grew to a point where it warranted the creation of a standalone release. In September 2016, we took a look at the early access version of Day of Infamy which revealed it to be at its roots a classic World War II first person shooter which distanced itself from the well-known Call of Duty games by making Day of Infamy more about realism within co-op or adversarial multiplayer game modes. Day of Infamy achieved full release on the 23rd of March 2017.
When playing Day of Infamy, mortality becomes pretty obvious soon on. In most scenarios you're going to wear one or two shots before you're dead. This brutal take on a war shooter does the genre justice because put quite simply, that's how it works in real life. Working as a team is a must thanks to your inability to soak up bullets so it won't really get you anywhere if you push on alone. You need to work with your team to slowly and meticulously work your way around the objectives. The realism doesn't stop with one shot kills, there is a lot more to consider when playing Day of Infamy. You're not going to have a ton of automatic fire weapons, simply because there weren't many of those around during World War II. Further to this, no armour, no "radio" chatter because you don't have a radio (unless you're the comms guy) so you're limited to local voice chat only.
The game modes within Day of Infamy are set between either Multiplayer or Co-op sections. In the multiplayer arenas, you are offered up the game modes of Liberation (Domination), Offensive (Search and Destroy), Frontline (Mixture of Liberation and Offensive) and Sabotage (Destroy High Value Targets).

In the co-op section you can choose from Stronghold (Co-op Offensive mode from MP), Raid (Co-op Sabotage from MP) and Entrenchment (Co-op Offensive from MP where you defend waves of enemies).
Currently playable teams consist of the Commonwealth, U.S Army and of course the Wehrmacht. These teams will also have their equivalent forms of weapons which are accurate to their time and geography. While there's not much I can speculate on here, I can say that there are more teams coming to the game in future updates.

There is a lot to grasp when playing through Day of Infamy and it's clear that it has been crafted with detail in mind. Further to what I have already mentioned there are different classes with limits of use per team, resupply drops for your team, carpet bombing and large artillery to use or disable.
The verdict on this one is that Day of Infamy is a hardcore first person shooter with an accurate World War II setting that any war buff should fall in love with. With an uncapped frame rate, decent enough graphics and realistic game mechanics there's not a lot to dislike. Searching for online games is fast and easy too. If you don't find yourself up to scratch online though, there is even an offline practice section there for you to hone your skills.
While playing Day of Infamy you're going to struggle with a lack of crosshairs and only the sights on your gun to aim, single shot deaths, fast moving and shooting AI and even keener real life players. This one isn't for the casual gamers but most definitely for those that love a good skirmish.

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
19th April 2017
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