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Here's a little gem that has come across my plate on Steam for $15US. It was released on the 4th of March 2017 and was developed and published by Automaton. Deceit is an online multiplayer game where you are placed in a group of five other players with little information about what is going on.

Two players in the group are infected. The only people that know they are infected are those that are affected. However they don't know who the other infected player is either. The job of the 'innocents' or those that aren't infected is to find out who is infected by using subtle tells, and to kill them before they have the chance to evolve into a killing machine and annihilate the rest of the group.

What we have here is what is known as an asymmetrical multiplayer game which basically means that the teams are unbalanced where you have 2v4. The key to the game that levels the playing field is that those that are infected are discreet and over powered compared to the healthy players, however the healthy players outnumber the infected.
The infected players will search around the area for bags of blood which will fill your meter which will enable you to transform into a killing machine. However you need to do this without others seeing you drinking the blood because that will indicate to the 'innocents' that you're infected and give them an opportunity to kill you before you become super powered.

Those that aren't infected will spend this time equipping themselves with guns, ammo and armour. Infected players can also do this in order to 'fit in' with the healthy crowd.

Once the lights go out and the infected have consumed enough blood to transform, all hell will break loose and those who are infected are free to wreak havoc and attempt to kill everyone to win the match. Those that aren't infected will need to survive long enough to escape the area through one of the maps tunnels or doors.
At this stage I have only played for a short time (video linked below) but in a short time I have really enjoyed my time in Deceit. It's sneaky, it's jumpy, scary and above all really fun to play. I look forward to playing a lot more and bringing more game play videos and stream to you all. Check out the Steam listing below and see if this is something you might like to play. See you on the killing floor.

Deceit tests your instincts at trust and deception in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an asylum to the sound of an unfamiliar voice, surrounded by five others. A third of your group have been infected with a virus, but who escape? Whilst traversing the building the power will be going out creating darkness, allowing the infected players to transform into their terror form and strike. Find allies and complete objectives around the map to better your chances of survival.
The environment has been specifically setup to cause conflict amongst the group, creating doubt about the true intentions of players. The infected will be trying to cover up their group sabotage attempts, whilst the rest will be keeping an eye out for this suspicious behaviour and attempt to join forces with people they think they can trust.

As you progress through the map you'll come across objectives that will help you survive and progress towards the exit. However, you will need to decide which is most important to you, and whether to collaborate or fight with other players over them. With each decision gives players more information and an indication to what team you're likely to be on. However, the perception of each action won't necessarily be seen as a fair representation to others about your intentions as the truth can be easily skewed.
There are blackout periods across the map which allow for the infected to transform into what's known as their terror form. In this form they are much faster, stronger, and have night vision, with only one weakness: light. In this form the infected are truly terrifying, and with an array of intense killing animations players will be able to create some scary but also funny moments.

Overall, the gameplay involves the frenzy of fast paced combat mixed with strategic map positioning, and of course the psychological aspects of determining who is infected.

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Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
5th April 2017
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