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So we didn't get a price and we didn't get a name. For those that watched the unveiling of the technical specs, well I'm sorry, it was insanely technical but lucky for us Eurogamer gave us a friendlier breakdown of the ins and outs of Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

So, what exactly did we find out?

Microsoft gave us the full tech specs of the machine. The central processor (CPU) has eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz. The graphics processor (GPU) has 40 customised compute units clocked at 1172MHz - a very high clock speed for a console - and it does achieve Microsoft's stated six-teraflop performance figure. There's 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, with a memory bandwidth of 326GB/s. There's a faster 1TB 2.5-inch hard drive, and a UHD Blu-ray drive. Like Xbox One S, it has an integrated power supply, so no external power brick. In terms of input/output ports, it is identical to Xbox One S (so, no Kinect port, but HDMI in is retained).

Did you understand any of that? Me neither!

Ok then. So the CPU is about 30 per cent faster than the Xbox One's. The GPU is 4.6 times more powerful than Xbox One's. What matters just as much, though, is the huge amount of very fast memory available. Even with 4GB reserved for the system, games have a whole 8GB to play with, up from 5GB of much slower memory on Xbox One. That means fast streaming of very high-quality art assets, which will really help at the 4K ultra HD resolutions that Microsoft is gunning for.

Does the power match the hope and the hype?

Pretty much, yeah. Given Microsoft's mandated compatibility with all existing Xbox One software we were never going to see next gen CPU tech but what we do have is a more modest evolution of the Xbox One unit. But the GPU is a beast. It's very, very fast.

More powerful than PlayStation 4 Pro?

This is where it gets a bit tricky. The simple answer is yes, looking at the numbers. But the PS4 Pro is an extremely smart unit in the right hands. What it boils down too is who is writing the software and how well they use the power available to them. 
That's the basic explanation for now. There was plenty of talk about the unit running Forza 6 and Horizon 3 but we only got to see screen grabs. Claims of all 1080p games running in True 4K and even pushing the games currently topping 900p up to the 4K. 

All I can say is E3 is going to be very interesting this year and I cannot wait to see what Microsoft has in store for us. 

Keep it locked here for updates as we get them and check the video's on our Facebook page for Lucas and I covering the release. 

Pat (Snoogan512/Snoogs)

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