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Battle Fantasy Monsters in Augmented Reality with Monster Buster: World Invasion
on 24th May

Quirky Monsters Invade Neighborhoods Worldwide This Month!

Independent developer Tag of Joy is pleased to announce that Monster Buster: World Invasion, a monster collecting and fighting game with a twist on reality, will be available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices on 24th May. In Monster Buster: World Invasion, heinous foes from a parallel universe invade planet Earth and can only be discovered by courageous monster busters, using their smartphones to fight the monstrous creatures roaming around their neighborhood.

“We’ve planned on launching Monster Buster: World Invasion on iOS since its release on Windows phone”, said Šarūnas Ledas, CEO at Tag of Joy. “As Pokemon Go pushed the bar higher than it's ever been for Augmented Reality games in 2016, we’ve overhauled the combat system, improved monetization and refined the quick fight mode to launch the ultimate edition of Monster Buster: World Invasion.”

Monster Buster: World Invasion swarms cities, towns and the countryside with 40 original hand crafted monsters lurking the streets, monuments and nature retreats. BoElefuntik and Slender are the first monsters to befriend the player and help new monster busters fight and collect others. Players choose one of the three and go on a mission to capture monsters using a location based scan and a smartphone camera to discover monstrous creatures in the augmented reality world. With each quick fight or wild creature battle, players’ monsters gain experience and level up their attack, defense or luck skills. Victorious fights award players with gold coins (in-game currency) and special ingredients that can be used to craft cookies and drinks that give additional boosts.

Each monster has a unique set of attacks that can be further customized when leveling up. New monsters can only be collected outdoors and certain types of monsters only spawn in certain locations at various times making Monster Buster: World Invasion a perfect companion when outside the house for a stroll. However, a ‘Quick Fight’ mode that allows players to fight the nearby monsters without going anywhere is available to fill the free moments when there is no possibility or desire to move around. While it allows players to gain experience and collect loot, ‘Quick Fight’ mode does not offer the option to collect new monsters, therefore still encourages players to go out and explore the real world.

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