Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Workshops

Gaming in today's climate is often cast in a negative light. Whether it be people who refuse to understand the artwork or creative expression that goes into it or those with an agenda that just wants to make people hate on the same things they do, the only time we seem to see gaming in mainstream media is with a negative tone.

Well today I am here to change that, and it is all thanks to some great minds at Microsoft, and in
particular the Microsoft Flagship store in Pitt St Sydney.

This July school holidays Microsoft will be running some workshops for kids of all ages, so you know what that means.... time to let out your inner 9 year old!

As a father of two I am always looking for new ways to help my little ones learn and grow. This workshop offers a new way to learn about motion, energy, force, momentum and above all else fun! This is all taught with the use of Hot Wheels tracks and cars, right there in front of you to jump in and build your beast. The aim, who can make there car go the furthest.

The class is fully interactive and small with only 12 kids and their parents/guardian in the room at a time. Your problem solving skills are put into overdrive as you try and work out new and unique ways to get your car along the track the quickest and of coarse launch it the furthest. If it doesn't work, why didn't it, what do we need to change.

That's the first part of the session, the second sees you picking up the controls of the Xbox One S and racing around a digital Hot Wheel Track in Forza Horizon 3. Everyone is given a chance to learn how to drive and with Xbox's Co-Pilot feature you can even help out the kids, or they can help you out.... The digital version is still full of learning with points earned from stunts noted and discussed how do we make it better? Does the car need to be faster? Do we need a car that has a more aerodynamic shape? Or if you're like me, just a bit of help keeping it off the walls.

Again, completely interactive and designed to be fun, but on the flip side it is getting you to think in a different way then you have before.

The free workshops will be running throughout the school holidays, on the following dates – we invite you to get in early and secure your spot via The workshops are open to all ages, however children 14 and below require parental guidance. All workshop participants will also receive an exclusive swag bag.

·       Wednesday 5 July, 2pm-4pm
·       Friday 7 July, 10am-12pm
·       Saturday 8 July, 10am-12pm
·       Sunday 9 July, 10am-12pm
·       Friday 14 July, 10am-12pm
·       Sunday 16 July, 10am-12pm

Other workshops at Microsoft Store during the school holidays include Minecraft Build Challenge, Get Creative with 3D Paint in Windows 10 and Create Digital Art with Fresh Paint. These run from 30 June to 17 July – to register please visit

So there you have it, be sure to jump on the Microsoft website and get on board for what will be a great activity for you and the kids over the school holidays. If you see me there come over and say hi and be ready to have an absolute blast!

Pat (Snoogs)

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