Quake Champions | BETA Preview

20 years ago Quake set the foundations for competitive online multiplayer arena shooters which definitely pushed the limits in graphics, gameplay and pure speed induced adrenalin. Quake Champions is making the jump into the 21st Century with a super fast unlocked framerate and 120hz gameplay.
Quake Champions is currently in a closed BETA testing phase and you can sign up for an opportunity to participate in its testing. Once you're in, select one of nine Champions, each with a different skill set to enter the colourful arenas, only to paint them all red.

The iconic fast paced first person shooting is back with a vengeance with a certain style that is easy to pick up in a few short games. While there are balancing issues with some abilities being overpowered compared to some underpowered others, the game still has a solid ground to work with.
The matches work by sending in you with your team (TDM) with a single primary weapon, however if you want any chance of survival, you will need to hunt for powerful weapons which are scattered around the map. On top of this, go and find yourself some armour to protect yourself as best you can. Once you think you're geared enough, go and fight your way through as many enemies as you can.

Quake Champions feels like a classic with a new coat of paint and even for a multiplayer challenged person like myself, a ton of fun can be had. Big jumps, warps, cooldown times, massive larger than life weapons, blood, gore and superpowers all mash together in an instant to create the fun.
Go and give it a try yourself by heading to https://quake.bethesda.net/en/ and register for a free BETA code.

Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
13th June 2017

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