WipEout: Omega Collection

1995 what a time to be around, but it wasn’t till 1997 that I got my hands on the original Playstation Console. With this came a little gem of a game that changed how racing was seen in a game. That little gem was WipEout. Visually it was ahead of its time and the speed at which needed to come with a warning.

Fast forward a blistering 20 years. Yes 20 years, that's longer than some of you reading this have been around!

It’s now 2017 and we see the release of WipEout: Omega Collection, basically a remaster of WipEout 2048 with some bits from HD and Fury thrown in. Not much has really changed at the core of each game, each has a series of cups to work through and build up your collection of racers. Races are your standard racing, time trials and battle racing where the object is to blow up each other and score the most points.

WipEout: Omega Collection has some seriously updated visuals. I have no problem in saying it is one of the best looking games on the PS4 at the moment. Speed is again a major factor and you need to have your reflexes in check to get a smooth lap in.

Other than that there isn’t really a whole lot to say. In 20 years nothing has really changed and to be honest, it didn’t need too.  Except for one part, they really should have updated the controls. In a throwback to the original the accelerate button is still ‘X’ and no, pushing harder still doesn’t make it go faster. That is the only real annoyance I had, but only because we have been spoilt with triggers in racing for so long now.

The time has come for all WipEout veterans to come out of retirement and a whole new generation of racers to start your engines. WipEout: Omega Collection is a fun filled, fast paced anti-gravity racer that is a fun throw back or new experience.

If you’re ever looking for a race, be sure to hit us up! If you dare that is……

Pat (Snoogs)

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