Spider-Man: Homecoming Event

Roster of Playable Characters Continues to Expand with Carnage, Now Live on PC, and Black Cat, Coming Soon to Consoles.

Gazillion announced today that new content inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One®. Starting today, console players can look forward to a new Daily Bugle Operation featuring the Sinister Six and a brand-new rooftop boss encounter against Vulture.
Following the title’s recent June 30, 2017 launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, today’s new Spider-Man: Homecoming event marks Gazillion’s commitment to continue delivering new content updates and playable characters for Marvel Heroes Omega across all platforms. To that end, Gazillion also recently released Carnage for PC players, the latest playable villain to join the fray. Console players can also look forward to the imminent release of the notorious Black Cat, coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Spider-Man: Homecoming released in cinemas around the world beginning July 5th.
Marvel Heroes Omega combines the core gameplay of action-RPGs and MMOs with an expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. Take on the role of your favorite characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and members of the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more! With thousands of hours of character progression, a huge selection of costumes, and an ever-growing roster of playable heroes and rewards, Marvel Heroes Omega comes packed with tons of replay value and a steady stream of new challenges coming in regular updates.

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23rd July 2017
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