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Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia is pleased to share that the beloved golf franchise Everybody’s Golf, is available in stores across Australia and on PlayStation Store, exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Since its first release 20 years ago, the beloved Hot Shots franchise returns boasting more courses, character customization options and game modes than ever before! Clap Hanz and JAPAN Studio are super excited to launch Everybody’s Golf which includes a bunch of fun “outside the tee box” activities, so if you need to step away from the links for a minute, try your hand at fishing, treasure hunting or buggy racing. 

On the eve of launch, Tomoyo Kimura, International Software Development at SIEA took to the PlayStation Blog to share four tips to get players ready for tee time.

1. Practice Range
Before you jump into an online Turf War battle and play for bragging rights with your buddies, hop into Solo Stroke mode. In Solo Stroke play, you’ll be able to play all of the courses without pestering friends trying to distract you from sinking your birdie putt!

2. Character and equipment upgrades
As you progress through Challenges in this game mode, you will face rival characters and earn handsome rewards when you beat them! Better clubs, upgraded balls, more outfits, cheery spectators… all of the rewards earned in this mode will make you a better golfer.

3. Outside the tee-box activities
Everybody’s Golf has plenty of fun activities that you can participate in when you need a break from the links. You’ll unlock Fishing and Golf Carts as you improve your skill level and beat rival characters while progressing through the five available Open Courses.

4. Fashion envy?
While Everybody’s Golf characters are customisable from head to toe, we’ve created a tool so you can copy character designs from those avatars you meet on the course when you play online. So, if you happen to meet some friends and you just HAVE to have their look, try the Avatar Copy feature by selecting the options button on your DS4 to see a list of players in your course.

Everybody’s Golf is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 on Wednesday 30 August, with a recommended retail price of $54.95 AUD. Players can also invite friends around the globe to a few holes of Everybody’s Golf via online multiplayer, only available for PlayStation Plus members.

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30th August 2017
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