Destiny 1 and 2 | Hate Symbols

It has been brought to the attention of Bungie that the legendary gauntlets called 'The Road Complex AA1" has a design on it which bears close resemblance to the hate symbol of "Kekistan". This was discovered by Waypoint today and they have reached out to Bungie to have it removed from the game. Bungie were quick to respond with the following Tweet:
Kekistan Hate Flag
Going further back to the original Destiny though, there was a suspect image used also. There wasn't much fuss made over this one as it is a little obscure, however in light of this newest information, it might be worth a look again. The image below displays the "Sign of the Finite" emblem which if you shake your head from side to side when viewing it, the lines begin to blur, leaving behind a clear image of a Swastika.

This one may be pure coincidence, but could there be more to it?

Lucas Aurelius
13th September 2017
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