Mafia Re-Release on GOG

Continuing the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Mafia series, 2K today announced that the original Mafia game is now available on

Play as Tommy on his journey from foot solider to Made Man within the Salieri family through more than 20 thrilling missions, which include executing mob hits, evading the police in heated car chases, illicit bootlegging operations, daring bank robberies and more

Explore more than 12 square miles of New Heaven, a quintessential 1930's American city based on historic Depression-era architecture and culture

Price: $14.99 

There’s never been a better time for both newcomers and fans of the series to dive into the Mafia franchise and experience the game that started it all 15 years ago.

For additional information, including an interview with Roman Hladik, 2K Czech Studio Director who’s been with Mafia from the beginning, see here:

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Aussie Gamers Express
20th October 2017

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