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Horizon Zero Dawn

The Frozen Wilds
Full Disclosure: This review was possible before the official release date as we have received a review copy, free of charge supplied by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Please note however, that no payment for positive comments has been offered or agreed to. All opinions in this review are of the creator only. Here we have the first expansion to the widely popular open world post-post apocalyptic game that essentially has dinosaurs. I've played through The Frozen Wilds, and here are my thoughts on how it stacks up as Aloy's next adventure. Thanks for checking out this video. Remember, like and subscribe and we'll love you for it.

Super Lucky's Tale
Come and meet Lucky, a cute little fox out to take on the Kitty Litter Family. Thanks for checking out our review of Super Lucky's Tale. Played on a day one Xbox One. A special shout out to the people at Xbox Australia for letting us review an early copy of the game. Be sure to hit that sub button and check us out below.

Aussie Gamers Express
8th November 2017

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